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Did you work in an interlocking tower? Maybe your dad or uncle worked in a railroad tower or was a maintainer responsible for an interlocking machine. Or maybe you just enjoyed the friendly wave from the operator as your train rolled past. We want to hear your tower stories!

We'll do our best to publish as many railroad tower stories that we can right here on our website. The only thing we ask is that you give us permission to use your story on our website. Your story can be anything tower-related and can be about any tower or cabin - it doesn't have to be specifically about Grasselli Tower. Your stories will help our visitors understand how interlocking towers really worked and their importance along the rail lines that criss-crossed our great nation.

Submit Your Tower Story

If you would like to send us your tower story (along with photos, drawings, etc.), please email:


If you prefer, you can also mail us your tower story:

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